Latest Past Events

Feed the Homeless

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our Feed the Homeless initiative, spearheaded by the Sankesh Global Foundation. Our mission is to provide meals, clothes, and education support for those in need. By joining us, you’ll not only be doing a great service to those who are less fortunate but also making a positive...

Winter Clothes and Food Distribution Drive

The Sankesh Foundation conducts the distribution of warm clothes for deprived children and adults in remote areas to ensure their safety in the winter. We regularly distribute fleece, warm clothes, and other winter clothes in our project areas of intervention. The beneficiaries include children of all ages and adults as well.

Food Distribution Drive

We, at SGF, conducted a food drive on 24 Dec. 2022.We successfully distributed 150 packs of food, containing Veg. Biryani. These packs were gone in a jiffy, which really shows how many of them are in need of food.Donating food to those who are unfortunate makes you feel the value of food, it is necessary...

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