Child Labour

Child Labour

Child Labour

Innocent children continue to work as children in hundreds of cities, slums and villages across the country, although several steps have been taken to introduce social reforms. In addition to poor school infrastructure and fewer educational opportunities, poverty also contributes to the problem. The problem of poverty in India is the main reason thousands of children across the country are forced to work as child labourers. In most cases, family members of children from socially disadvantaged communities are forced to work in factories and industry. Some children have to work to earn money.

Childhood marks the formative years of growth and development of the child as a person. It is also the basis of children’s education and careers. Child labour deprives them of the joy of childhood and deprives them of the opportunity to experience various aspects of childhood. Responsible citizens should support the Sankesh Global Foundation in fighting social evils that lead India to a better future.

We are trying to end child labour by taking a closer look at:

1. Child labour in factories and industry

Sankesh Foundation works closely and implements programs to end bad practices. We held meetings and tried to tell their parents and employers about them. Many children work long shifts to earn money and to support themselves and their families. You will be surprised to learn that 10 million minors work in agriculture, industry and factories across the country. Many of them were abused and sexually exploited.

2. Implementation of guidelines

Save the Children constantly pressures the government to introduce new policies and laws to combat child labour. Our Sankesh Foundation is continuously working to end this heinous practise that is destroying the lives of many innocent people.

3. Create awareness

It is very important to spread the word and tell people about the plight of poor and helpless children who have to work as child labourers. Save the Children has also published numerous articles and reports to highlight the positive results of their efforts. Other programs include popular activists and celebrities who participate in high-profile campaigns.


Sankesh Foundation has stable models designed by developed countries that have mastered this practice. Donations from individuals and companies have helped children find new lives. That is why every responsible citizen must donate and help children who are most in need.



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